May 182012

ImageWay, way more Master System and Genesis games are on the way to PS3 and Xbox, including the long-awaited release of Monster World IV. Sega announced the next few “Vintage Collections,” which will be sold individually on PSN and in bundles on XBLA.

For XBLA, the Monster World Collection brings together Wonder Boy in Monster Land (arcade) and Wonder Boy in Monster World and MWIV for Genesis on May 23. On May 30, Golden Axe’s arcade original joins Golden Axe 2 & 3 on Genesis, concurrent with a three-volume Streets of Rage Collection. The collections sell for 800 MSP each.

Meanwhile, PSN will see all of those Wonder Boys, Super Hang-On (arcade), Revenge of Shinobi, and Alex Kidd in Miracle World on May 22, for $5 each.

JoystiqSega Vintage Collections dumping lots of old games on PSN and XBLA next wek originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 18 May 2012 23:59:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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May 182012

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!

Thor meets the only other person worthy to wield Mjolnir, Beta-Ray Bill, in our exclusive clip from this weekend’s new episode of “The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!”

Watch as the two face off in the clip below, and to find out just why the two have come to blows catch the new episode this Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. ET inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD!

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May 182012

ImageDouble Fine’s Ron Gilbert has revealed another character from his puzzling new title, this one called “the time traveler.”

She is one of “three playable characters” that Gilbert has unveiled in three days on his personal gaming blog, Grumpy Gamer. Yesterday and the previous day Gilbert revealed the monk and the hillbilly.

The time traveler’s silhouette is visible in the background of the puzzle Double Fine sent us earlier this month. We have to admit, she looks way cooler with glowing blue (we assume time-travel-inducing) accessories than as a vague, whispy shadow.

The plot, and the question, thickens: What do a hillbilly, a monk and a time traveler have in common?

Joystiq‘Time Traveler’ is another playable character in Double Fine’s mystery game originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 18 May 2012 23:15:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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May 182012

Previous Retro Reviews…

This one hits close enough to home that I maybe ought to cite a
conflict of interest. BAKUMAN started only a few years ago, too, so doing this “retro
review” gets even messier. Well, classifications be damned – - I
really wanted to read and discuss this book.
I’d say it’s arguably timely since the whole series concluded just recently,
but that’s honestly beside the point for me. What’s important is that I’ve got something
of a vested interest in the subject matter.

== TEASER ==

If you’ve paid attention to my byline on every single one of my
, you’ll know that I write comics professionally when I’m not
reviewing anime and manga here. So, as you’d expect, a story about comics
creators speaks to my own life experiences far more specifically than all the
tales of space pirates, mecha pilots and even generic twenty-somethings covered
on this site. Hell, the kids in BAKUMAN (as of this first volume, at
least) are seeking to make a manga that’ll be turned into an anime by
the time they’re 18, and I technically broke into comics when I was 19 (the
technicality being that the artist flaked out even after we’d had a contract
worked out with a publisher.)

Honestly, reading this made me feel uncomfortable, and that’s perhaps
to its merit. See, I know the book’s supposed to be an informative (but still
entertaining and comical) journey through the manga business – - it accomplishes
that, rather successfully, for most of its audience. For me specifically, though, it’s
an embarrassing and even sobering examination of the often tragic flaws in
thinking that can all-too-easily befall comics creators. It’s
almost like watching somebody else pick open your scabs in the mirror.

BAKUMAN’s about a duo of smart middle schoolers who become a comics-producing partnership after some harmless blackmail. Mashiro, a dutiful
student and budding artist, is essentially pushed into making manga his life’s goal
by a classmate, Takagi – - an over-achiever and aspiring writer who knows little
about making manga.

Even at age 14, Mashio’s all but sworn off cartooning as a career
since he grew up seeing his uncle, a mediocre mangka, work himself to death.
However, after Akito gets a hold of a notebook full of Mashiro’s pencil
portraits and then discovers that the subject of the portraits – - Mashiro’s
crush, Azuki
– - wants to be an anime voice actress, he pressures his would-be
collaborator into confronting this girl he’s loved from afar.

The confrontation actually leads to an unhealthy resolution. After something of a comedy of errors, Mashiro and Azuki promise to marry
one day… after their other dreams have come true, though. I imagine that the
back-and-forth of their courtship will become the melodramatic intrigue to
anchor a series that might otherwise be dryly fixated on shop talk and career
planning. However, this volume lets loose a surprise that colors such playful
romantic intrigue with a harsh coat of reality – - and it’s not actually
one of the oft-discussed “gambles” of the manga business.

As it turns out, Mashiro’s uncle and Azuki’s mother had a very similar “courtship.” They exchanged platonic letters for years while he was working on his manga career in the hopes of one day making himself worthy of her. Eventually, she grew tired of waiting
and married a businessman (thus bringing Azuki to the world,) while he resigned
to a loneliness that implicitly contributed to his death.

The series will most likely tie this romance off eventually with some
happy ending where their dreams come true and their years-in-advance marriage
plans work out exactly as hoped for. However, it’ll frankly seem as believable
as a teenager’s successful plan to keep his hard drug habit manageable and until he quits on a chosen date without any pangs of addiction or withdrawal. And that’s
not a case of me reading too far into things, here, since the series practically advertises itself as entertainment that doubles as a field guide to some of
life’s cold hard truths.

Maybe this all isn’t as tough to wrestle with in Japan. From my time living in Asia, I remember how Japanese children’s fates are sealed early
on through those terrifying entrance exams. I also remember how reports of
students committing suicide after getting low grades on those exams weren’t
uncommon, either. So, maybe all these disquieting notions are just a matter of fact that readers over there are so used to that they’ll never let it never their carefree

Then again – - maybe these plot points are meant to be this unsettling. This is from the same
team behind that unflinchingly nihilistic DEATH NOTE, after all. If that’s the case, than BAKUMAN is a far more sophisticated piece of work than I already appreciate it to be.

As I warned, this isn’t a “retro review” so much as a discussion of
a work of art from somebody with maybe a little too much skin in the subject matter. Despite these glum rabbit holes it might be you go down into, it really is a top-notch book.

Tom Pinchuk’s the writer of HYBRID BASTARDS! & UNIMAGINABLE. Order them on Amazon here & here. Follow him on Twitter: @tompinchuk

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May 182012

On top of providing “further clarity” to Mass Effect 3‘s ending, some more details regarding the upcoming “Extended Cut” DLC have come out. “Extended Cut” will include cameos from both Admiral Hackett, who is played by Lance Henricksen, and EDI, voiced by Tricia Helfer.

“I just did another session with them. They were saying there’s a little bit of a problem with the abruptness of the ending,” Hendriksen told G4 during a press junket for a new animated series called Tron: Uprising that he’s involved in. “So we did a whole series of things to add to the end of the game, to live up to the quality they’ve been doing.” Helfer, also part of the show, confirmed EDI would make an appearance.

JoystiqHackett, EDI confirmed for Mass Effect 3 ‘Extended Cut’ DLC originally appeared on Joystiq on Fri, 18 May 2012 21:15:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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