Sep 012011

At this point just about every shooter coming out has some form of “survive as long as possible” cooperative mode. Space Marine joins the crowd with a mode called Exterminatus; a four-player survival mode that pits your few marines against an untold multitude of orks. Far from breaking the mold, this uninventive mode is nonetheless still fun, and should give day-one purchasers something to look forward to when it releases some 30 days after Space Marine’s launch…

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Sep 012011

Call of Duty XP kicks off tomorrow morning. If you couldn’t pony up the dough to make it to the event, never fear! IGN will be on the scene to bring the experience to you. So what can you expect to unfold in the days ahead?

Here’s our list of events and stories that will be appearing right here on this page. We haven’t listed everything due to the hectic nature of events, so expect things to post intermittently.

The live stream will play here. In the meantime, watch this MW3 trailer…

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Sep 012011
Sledgehammer games talks Modern Warfare 3

When Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey left Dead Space developer Visceral Games at EA, it was rumored that they’d take the Call of Duty experience into the third-person perspective. Then some… things, happened. Sledgehammer Games went radio-silent and a year later, it was revealed that Schofield and friends were working with Infinity Ward to complete Modern Warfare 3.

But what about our dreams of a third person Call of Duty? What about them? “We came on board to make a third person action adventure game, in the Call of Duty franchise,” Schofield said in a video feature on Gamespot, “and we were working on it about six months.” Condrey was matter of fact about the reasoning behind Sledgehammer’s action-adventure title. “There are a lot of fans out there who enjoy games like Uncharted, so you can imagine that genre meeting a world-class franchise.”

Condrey decided to rub it in a little more. “We had a prototype together that was pretty compelling, and it looked really good.” But the chance to help make Activision’s big gun shoot straight has probably killed its would-be offshoot. “The opportunity to work on the biggest thing in the industry with… Infinity Ward, that’s demonstrated that they know how to do exceptional software, was just an opportunity we couldn’t (pass up).”

JoystiqCall of Duty action-adventure would have been ‘world-class’, died in prototype originally appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 01 Sep 2011 21:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sep 012011

A portion of a C3 interview with V5 Play…

C3: Are you already planning a sequel, and if so, will it remain on DS or be on 3DS instead?

V5 Play: We are already planning a sequel, and our publishers are determined that we should start it as soon as possible. As I mentioned before, a scope for the sequel will depend on how well the game is accepted. As for 3DS vs. DS, that’s a good question. As you probably know, 3DS sales haven’t gone quite as expected, so week-by-week we can watch the DS console outselling 3DS (in the US and PAL markets). Of course, I don’t doubt that 3DS will be a significant success, but the question is how long it would take to get there. Another important question for us would be how interested our target group (casual players) is in 3DS technology. Anyway, I don’t think it’s smart to neglect 150 million DS players, whose numbers grow daily. We will develop a sequel for DS, and for 3DS I’m afraid we’d have to wait and see how things would develop in that direction.

C3: What are your thoughts on 3DS development in general? Do you have plenty of ideas for taking full advantage of the 3D hardware?

V5 Play: 3DS is an excellent and innovative platform. Unlike DS, it lets developers think less about hardware limitations, and focus more on implementing their ideas. Another good thing is that there are already engines enabling relatively easy development on that console. We’d be really happy if we could engage in game development for that console without thinking. But, once more, we have to wait and see how the situation develops.

C3: Also, after seeing Nintendo’s Wii U at E3, what do you think of the system and its unique tablet controller?

V5 Play: I am not sure how significant my thinking would be regarding this console, but I personally look forward to any technology that brings innovation. I hope Nintendo will soon release full specifications for this console, so everybody could get to know it better.

Full interview here

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Sep 012011
Evil's never been so fashion-conscious.
Evil’s never been so fashion-conscious.

If I could make one note for the translation team on the inevitable
dub, I’d say that they really ought to throw in some quick line to clarify that Jake
will blow up the city if the heroes don’t take him on in the order he dictates.
If the heroes underestimate him, then it would make sense for them to go along with
this one-on-one nonsense because they’re expecting Sky High to kick his
ass without any trouble. But after the big hoss gets trounced so easily, the
pendulum swings into Saturday Morning if the heroes seriously aren’t entertaining the notion of ganging up on Jake. Fairplay shouldn’t be a concern when
civilians’ lives are at stake.

That is, unless Jake’s specifying so in his fiendish plot. It’s
something I inferred after the fact, but it’s still something that would’ve
been better said aloud.

If we’re talking about pendulums, then whatever one assigns blame is
surely pointing at Kotetsu, right now. Loose cannon or no, second-guessing Barnaby like that actually does reflect worse on him. I’ve commented on how I’ve appreciated Tiger for being such an underdog, but I do wonder if his decision-making’s so
random (or instinctual, if you prefer) that he’s only ever proven right by the
luck of the draw. His stand against Jake was halfway admirable, but I doubt he
planned that surprise kick so much as it just slipped out of him

Guess I wasn’t actually that far off in comparing Jake to “Mr. J” earlier. Dude
may dress like a TEKKEN fighter and brawl like a SNK boss, but this whole dog
and pony show with the open-invitational is just like something the Joker would
do. And Kriem’s acting more and more like Harley with each episode, so the comparison’s just double.

Watch this episode “Take Heed of the Snake in the
Grass” below, decide for yourself and then read my comments on the previous
episode here.

Tom Pinchuk’s
the writer of
HYBRID BASTARDS! & UNIMAGINABLE. Order them on Amazon here & here. Follow him on Twitter: @tompinchuk

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Sep 012011

As we prepare for the first full week’s worth of releases of DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, national press coverage continues to roll in. Want exclusive previews? Head on over to G4 for their interview with Geoff Johns and exclusive first look at GREEN LANTERN #1. Then check out MODERNMAN.COM‘s exclusive preview of HAWK AND DOVE [...]
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Sep 012011

If this DC reboot, revamp, new DC Universe — whatever you want to call it — has done anything, its that it has brought DC Comics to the forefront of comic book news. And that, for the most part, is a really good thing. I mean, all comic fans want to see people buying and reading comic books — we all want this industry to exist, right? Yet, while it’s all great and fun that the new DC Universe is being remodeled and characters we know and love are getting a chance to break from the chains of continuity that confine them (and their respective creative teams), not all of the news that has come to light has been great.

Some change isn’t always the best — at least it isn’t when you are dealing with some of your favorite comic book characters. In order to pull off a revamp and a launch of 52 new ongoing titles, DC Comics had to cancel a whole lot of comic book series and change the roster to many of their popular teams. Among the canceled books was Power Girl, which had reached issue 27 before coming to an end prior to the launch of the new DC Universe. The series, which had initially seen success in numbers and praise from fans and comic journalists alike, was launched by stellar creative team Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and artist Amanda Conner.

The series’ first issue saw a lot of success before the second issue dropped to 36,000 units sold and remained there before eventually dipping below the 20,000 units sold mark. That’s not to say the series was bad; in fact, it was pretty good. Even after Palmiotti, Gray and Conner’s twelve issue run ended and writer Judd Winick took over writing duties on the series alongside artist Sami Basri until Matthew Sturges came on board, the series was still okay. Sadly, money talks and PG wasn’t selling the way DC would have liked — and fans had been bracing themselves for a canceled book. Which unfortunately, is exactly what happened.

This summer, DC revealed an all new line-up of books that would be released starting in September, and Power Girl unfortunately did not make the list. PG not only lost her own ongoing series in the revamp, but she lost a place on any of DC’s upcoming team books (Justice League and Justice League International, for example). This was, unfortunately, a rather sad ending to a series which had done its best to give Power Girl something she had never had before — an identity.

Before the Power Girl series by Palmiotti and Gray, Power Girl was nothing more than an Earth-2 version of Supergirl. She was (arguably) a second rate character whose physical appearance was used to sell her books when her personality seemed lacking. The creative team made her entertaining and interesting; they gave her a personality, interests and ambition. Their treatment of the fact that she is a voluptuous woman was appropriately tongue-in-cheek, and made for some very amusing moments in her book. In twelve issues Power Girl went from being a character who was just a really busty female version of Superman, to being her own woman with her own identity who just happened to have a voluptuous figure. That’s what made this book so great, and that’s what makes me sad to see it go.

Late last week during FanExpo in Toronto (which we covered here), DC announced an all new series, Justice Society, which was being written by veteran Starman and Justice League writer James Robinson and drawn by Nicola Scott (Wonder Woman). The announcement revealed that the series (which doesn’t yet have a release date) would be set on Earth-2 — coincidentally, Power Girl’s home universe. Could DC be saving PG for the Justice Society book? Could Power Girl finally be returning to Earth-2? All that we know for sure is that DC editor Eddie Berganza had been quoted as saying Karen Starr would return — but he never confirmed that she would be returning as Power Girl.

After a great series that had established Power Girl as having more depth and personality, it would certainly be unfortunate to see the character’s departure from comics. Particularly since her final issue made no mention or hint of what was in store for her in the future. It just sort of ended, and frankly, that kind of sucks.

What do you think of Power Girl? What would you like to see be her future at DC comics? Do you think she will join the recently announced Justice Society book?

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Sep 012011

We expected the Japan-exclusive Ni no Kuni PS3 to be white with some gold art on it. But it turns out that it is gold with gold art, featuring the lamp-nosed sidekick character Shizuku. If that fits your idea of “magical”, you’ll be able to import the 160GB system starting November 17.

JoystiqHere’s the ‘Magical Gold’ Ni no Kuni PS3 originally appeared on Joystiq on Thu, 01 Sep 2011 21:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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